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davidsbarney [userpic]
Sebastian/Charles fic
by davidsbarney (davidsbarney)
at February 8th, 2010 (02:48 pm)

Title- The Peculiar Ballad of Charles and Sebastian
Pairing- Main Sebastian/Charles, a little Julia/Charles
Rating- NC-17 for Charles' stupidity and also slash and sex
Warnings- I suppose for being out of character and aforementioned slash and sex. Fluff and angst in bucket loads and it's long.
Summary- How the story might have gone if the boys had said what they meant and shown what they felt....
Disclaimer- The characters belong to Waugh not me, that's why the original story was so depressing.

Notes- My Sebastian has dark hair as that's how I read him in the book.
Also this is AU, mostly because Charles is sympathetic and shows more emotion than a rock and that tended to alter things somewhat, but also I did play with the events a little. They say a lot more to each other here than they would have under Waugh. Not beta read I'm afraid, I just found it on my hard drive and thought I'd share. I could say English wasn't my first language but I'd be lying, all grammatical errors are my own. :)

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alley_skywalker [userpic]
by alley_skywalker (alley_skywalker)
at November 8th, 2009 (03:07 pm)

So I have inevitable confused myself. This is what I get for not following my own rule and not reading the book before I watch any adaptations.

So, I saw the trailer for the Brideshead movie on youtube and felt like I had to have it RIGHT AWAY. I had actually seen it a couple of times before but something about seeing it the third time broke my patience and I ordered it on Amazon the same day. The movie might have been my first introduction to the story (excluding a couple of fanfics I had been sucked into while waiting) if there hadn’t been a delay in the mail so I had to wait another week before I could come back down home from school and pick it up the following weekend. During this extra week of waiting I went on youtube and started searching for clips of the movie. What I got was the movie series which someone had uploaded (in quite decent quality) in its entirety. Admittedly, I didn’t finish the movie series, stopping after episode six. I also managed to get through I few book summaries and such. Then, I came home and watched the movie.

So….there seem to be some rather wide differences between the series (and therefore the book I suppose, since I’ve heard that the series follows the book quite faithfully) and the movie. I still loved the movie though. Perhaps this is because I wasn’t attached to th book first. Now, despite seeing the differences I can’t say that I prefer the miniseries whole-heartedly to the movie. I think part of my confusion is because I take the more “explicit” movie version of Charles/Sebastian and layer it on top of what I saw in the movie series – something more platonic but also more expanded and less rushed. Plus the whole ulie/Charles in Venus gives a whole new layer and perhaps even motive to Sebastian’s drinking which is “fake” as in, it isn’t there in “canon.”

Agh…I think the point of all this is is that I really need to read the book, the text of which I’ve managed to download last night. Sadly, though, my interpretation will be already so very tainted by this double-version of canon that I’ve seen. And even though the Sebastian of the tv series is suppose to the THE Sebastian of the book, I’m afraid I’ll be seeing and hearing Ben when I read the txt……

femalespock [userpic]
by femalespock (femalespock)
at October 28th, 2009 (03:16 pm)
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Hi, I'm new here but I decided to post some icons!
Please credit me if you decide to use any!

The rest are here if you are interested!

Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen of Arrogant [userpic]
Greetings and Peace Offering in the Form of Fanfic
by Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen of Arrogant (mini_miranda08)
at July 3rd, 2009 (06:59 pm)

current song: "Brave"-Idina Menzel

Hello all!

I'm new here and also relatively new to the Brideshead fandom as well. I discovered the 2008 film adaptation a couple of months ago, loved it, and then went on to purchase the original novel. I'm also currently working my way through the 1981 miniseries, but have only been able to watch the first two episodes as of yet.

Anyway, I wrote my very first piece of Brideshead fanfiction the other day, and have mustered up the courage to post it here.

Title: Abandonment
Pairing: Lord Marchmain/Lady Marchmain & mention of Lord Marchmain/Cara
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own a thing
Summary: Lord Marchmain leaves his wife. Movie and book based.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5182457/1/Abandonment

Reviews and constructive criticism welcome!

Opallene/Opallena [userpic]
the Pieces of gold: A Brideshead Revisited Fan Soundtrack (Updated)
by Opallene/Opallena (lelenmargyle)
at June 16th, 2009 (03:26 am)

Edit: Updated with a new track: "Goodbye, Sweet Youth, Goodbye"

Greetings. For quite some time I've had this playlist of songs that remind me of Brideshead Revisited, and I've finally gotten it together to organize them and make them into an album for summer. I perhaps went a little flashy on the cover art (in a style that Charles might well find abhorrent), but once I sat down to make it I just liked where it was going and couldn't stop.

The theme of this album is the discovering of something dear, its inevitable tarnishing, and also the nostalgia for the beginning, with a flavor of the personal quirks & insanities that bring the complications to bear. I chose the order of the tracks very purposefully and I hope I did so effectively. It's mostly a Charles/Sebastian album, with one of the songs being Julia-themed. "Gold" is mentioned more than once in the lyrics of the songs within, and the title is actually lifted from a lyric in Track 2.

Title: the Pieces of gold

1) This is Me (Eddie from Ohio)
2) Come On, Come Out (A Fine Frenzy)
3) A Summer Wasting (Belle & Sebastian)
4) Goodbye, Sweet Youth, Goodbye (Greycoats)
5) Ease Your Feet In The Sea (Belle & Sebastian)
6) X&Y (Coldplay)
7) The Good That Won't Come Out (Rilo Kiley)
8) Late Night Grande Hotel (Nanci Griffith)
9) Gold Dust (Tori Amos)
Bonus: This is Me (Live version)

feilongfan [userpic]
Rare Brideshead Revisited (1981 TV version) Stills
by feilongfan (feilongfan)
at April 10th, 2009 (04:13 pm)


OMG! I found all these wonderful stills from ITV's Brideshead Revisited. Some of them I have never seen before. I wish I had an account with Rex Features so I can download the full-size version.

Pics can be viewed at my LJ.

Leanne [userpic]
More Icons.
by Leanne (leannelithium)
at April 7th, 2009 (02:00 am)

--No hotlinking
--Credit if you use them
--and enjoy em!

[22] Brideshead Revisted


More Here!

Leanne [userpic]
by Leanne (leannelithium)
at April 6th, 2009 (10:46 pm)

--Comment's appreciated.
--No hotlinking.
--Give me credit please!

[6] Watchmen
[11] Supernatural
[25] Brideshead Revisted
[11] Ben Whishaw


More Here!

Sandra [userpic]
A small introduction and a fanfic
by Sandra (rosypeaches)
at March 20th, 2009 (02:47 pm)

Hi, I'm Sandra and I have been lurching here for quite a while before deciding to post.

I have loved Brideshead Revisited ever since my teacher put the book in my hand about 3 years ago (She told me she had a hunch that I would like it) and since then I have also watched the TV-series and the movie.

I have written Brideshead-fanfiction for quite a long time but I have never been quite satisfied with it... at least not enough to post it.
However, I wrote this a couple of months ago and I really like it, so I thought I would try posting it.

Prince of endless summer

Pairing: Charles/Sebastian
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing (It doesn't matter how much I want to own them... I still don't) 
Summary: Charles knows that he can't be with Sebastian. There must always be a last time. Everything has to end. There is no such thing as an endless summer.

rose [userpic]
hello, and hoping for fic
by rose (rose71)
at March 8th, 2009 (11:25 pm)

Hello all! *waves in a manner too excited to be properly Oxonian*

I've been lurking here and enjoying your posts for the past few months, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I've been a Brideshead fan ever since I saw the miniseries at age 12. At the time, I was too young to understand anything about the British aristocracy, Catholicism, or homosexuality, but I thought that Sebastian was adorable, and (yes) I did name my teddy bear Aloysius. Since then, I've reread the book every few years, and I always find something new. I now teach college English, and I absolutely blame (or thank) Brideshead for my obsession with the British class system, dandies, and male-male love.

I hope it's OK if I link to a fanfic community here. My ulterior motive for posting today is that I'm dying to see some good Brideshead fic at the multi-fandom lgbtfest. It's a "fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender," and there are some great prompts about Sebastian, Charles, and other Brideshead characters. Someone please pick up these prompts! Your creativity and Brideshead knowledge + the huge audience and cool prompts at lgbtfest = a winning combination (or, as Antoine would say, "ecstasy of the naughtiest kind").

Anyone interested? Questions about this fest and why it's so awesome?